Foundation for a Smarter Future begins with AI

Make your enterprise AI powered with Zummit

Machine Learning

Zummit has great capabilities in problems related to regression, classification and clustering

Deep Learning

We work on some of the cutting edge areas like Racism & Terrorism detection, Stock Market prediction

Reinforcement Learning

Exploring solutions for Self driving RL models, AWS Deep Racer, DRL for Protein structure prediction

Who we serve

Our AI/ML projects cater to various industries like

  • Hospitality
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing & Automotive
  • Travel/Logistics

Our projects & Case studies

Some of our key projects are related to

  • Racism detection
  • Terrorism detection
  • Enzyme engineering
  • Stock market prediction
  • Autonomous driving
  • Image generators (GAN)

Tools and technologies that we use

Zummit Infolabs primarily work on Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, OpenCV, AlexNet, FaceNet, Django, Gitlab, React, Angular, Php, MySQL, Microservices, CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU, Transformers & Autoencoders

Success stories

F&B project(GAN)

"The technical skills of Zummit is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Biotech Project

"Young and talented team. We've been engaging them for differnt projects"

Hospitality Project

"Emotion detection is complex. Zummit has the required skills"

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