About us

Invent your future today

Zummit Infolabs is a sui generis coalescence between the eccentric creativity of Generation Z and the discipline of experienced professionals that aims to deliver solutions which are quick and quintessential. We specialize in our services related to Information Technology in the field of Retail, Management, Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing, Product and Security in addition to providing archetypal training to young aspirants.

We are a Bangalore based Company that has catered to globally recognized clients and have succeeded in uniquely establishing ourselves in the international market. We believe in initiating and sustaining long term relationships with our clients that helps both the parties in producing innovative solutions. From mobile applications to Web-based services and software development, we aim to redefine ingenuity.

Our Vision

The idea of bridging the gap between two generations that are supreme in their own way and to use this amalgam to invent solutions that are the epitome of productivity, quality and accuracy, is something that is the foundation of our idea and we like to carry our thoughts in resonance with our idea to implement the decisions we make.

Our Values

We are a small but an efficient team of visionaries and hence we believe in our values to be profound and something that takes us forward. With the same belief we value our customers the same way we value our team members, by enhancing quality and control to its summit.

Our Capabilities

Zummit Infolabs has the capability of connecting different communities and creating a future for them. Our services broaden our client’s horizon and help them go beyond the conventional way of solving problems and redefining authenticity. Our confidence in our idea gives us the opportunity to be a leader in delivering solutions globally with the support of our employees from a team of just three thought leaders.

Meet The Team


Sadananda NS

Execution, Direction, Strategy and Vision


Vivek Joseph

VP - Technology, Enterprise Architecture


Praveen Kumar

Strategic Direction